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TELLURIA eliminates the limitations of traditional construction methods; it ensures rapid construction, minimal waste, superior quality and, best of all, the natural advantages that steel offers!

The construction is resistant to extreme weather conditions. The galvanised support structure guarantees an extended life span, while the exterior walls require only minimum maintenance.

As the system consists of prefabricated components, individual projects are rapid and straightforward to construct, as well as being economical.  In addition, TELLURIA comes as 'complete' construction kits, convenient for handling and shipping.



The construction system has been designed such that the walls can be filled with sand, improving insulation and giving the structure additional solidity.

Fast and affordable

Fast and affordable

The system consists of easy to assemble prefabricated components.  A few instructions or a short manual will suffice to ensure the construction can be installed in a matter of days.

Strong and sustainable

Strong and sustainable

The galvanised support structure guarantees an extended life span, while the exterior walls require only minimum maintenance.



Steel ensures safer structures, reduced maintenance, fewer foundation issues and no requirements for heavy plant during the construction phase.

Tailor made

Public buildings

Schools, hospitals, medical centres and all other structures can be constructed. This is the best solution on the market for situations where hygiene and sustainability/durability are key.

Ecological footprint

Ecological footprint

The structures are 100% recyclable and simple to reuse. Telluria is a lightweight structure, which makes transport efficient and easy. The structures are delivered as a building kit. This eliminates waste, demanding minimal power, water or other sources during construction.


TELLURIA high quality homes, bungalows

High quality homes & bungalows

TELLURIA schools & hotels

Schools & hotels

TELLURIA medical centres, hospitals

Medical centres, hospitals

TELLURIA Social buildings

Social buildings

TELLURIA Shops & kiosks

Shops & telephone booths

Professional advice and service

Our experts will translate your wishes into TELLURIA construction components and draft you a personalised quote for arriving at your dream construction.

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