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Steel of life

The TELLURIA concept offers an exclusive opportunity for residential and commercial projects. The innovative modular system, based on a steel support structure and exterior panels, allows you to rapidly deliver all the high expectations of a new-build structure, without compromising on quality. 

Own production

All TELLURIA components are made in Europe, produced at our location in Belgium. Continuously supervised and standardised automated production results in extremely accurate products. The various components and structures are extensively and rigorously tested and produced only using the very highest quality materials, which means they are able to withstand the severest of conditions (fire proof, heavy squalls, etc.).

Modular system

The TELLURIA construction system is exceptionally versatile and will fulfil all your architectural requirements. The basic structure can adapt to almost any given situation, adjusting form, dimensions and performance to comply with any detail. The modular system also permits straightforward expansion of the construction at a later stage.

The TELLURIA construction system is a foreseeable and reliable building solution. Developers and end-users can rest assured that their construction will be sustainable for generations to come.

TELLURIA Steel constructions
TELLURIA Belgian production


Exterior cladding
Garden sheds and structures
Storage spaces
Pool houses

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